These are ideas to get your kids attention, 'break the ice,' and have kids engage i your program.

Shake HandsEdit

See how many hands you can shake in 1 min, or cross your arms and shake the hand  of the person next to you.

God is Good all the TimeEdit

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Attention waveEdit

Put hand on head, then put hand out, repeat (looks like waving)

I'm looking for...Edit

Look for hidden object in teh room or things poeple have (like Sock, glasses, red shoe, belt...)

Jumping High FiveEdit

Jump and give each other a high five.

My Friends Favorite...Edit

Talk to the person next to you about your favorite thing, then choose kids to come up and tell people what their friend's favorite stuff is.

Choose SidesEdit

Depending on your kids, choose a list of "this" or "this,"  such as would you rather eat ice cream (run to the left of the room) or oreo cookies (run to the right of the room)...

Color CodesEdit

Have different things on the back.  I.e. Red paper (covenant), Green (everyone stand up), Yellow (yell Halelujah)....

My Friends Favorite...Edit

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My Friends Favorite...Edit

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Color CodesEdit

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"Participation Award Tickets,"  have people watching for the best kids.  Best kids get a ticket, then they can come up at the end and get a prize.

Smiling facesEdit

Same as P.A.T. but with little smily faces to hand out.

Happy HeartsEdit

Same as P.A.T. but with happy hearts.


Same as P.A.T. but with S.D.S. tickets, stand for "super duper saints"

Standing the DotEdit

Race to the front and stand on this dot, or you can have dots scattered around the room.

Lower SofterEdit

Have kids say something, then keep doing it lower and softer in voice until it's barely audible

Rain CreationEdit

Start off with all the kids rubbing hands together (wind), then snapping fingers (rain), then stomping feet (thunder), and then back to snapping, then rubbing hands together.

Ticket DrawingsEdit

Have tickets in a box/hat, and pull out names of kids names (?)

Tongue TwisterEdit

Choose a tongue twister like "Unique New York" or "A Big Black Bear Ate a Big Black Bug" etc.. and see who can say it the most accurate and fastest.

Money FindEdit

Either ask for specific amounts of money (call for $.25 - first person to front with $.25 wins) or hide money in room and have kids look for it.

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