To provide free, high quality, easy to use ministry resources to anybody serving the local Christian church.


Take a resource, give a resource, improve a resource.



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How Open Source Ministry will change the WorldEdit

This site will have sermons, games, Bible studies and curriculum for all ages that will be submitted and edited by people who are interested in the content. This site will be open to any relevant new category that can be used by a local church in its services and ministries.

There are many 'free ministry resources' websites, but most of them are confusing to navigate and have tons of screaming adds begging for your attention. Google and Wikipedia are so popular because they are simple and easy to use. This wiki will be successful because every church volunteer will be open to a high quality ministry resource that are free, simple and easy to use. Many volunteers and pastors already have years of programming they have created that they will be willing to share. So please, if you have resources, please share them here and help in this resource explosion that will be open to anybody around the world. Everyone has the power to vandalize this sight, but everyone has the power to maintain and improve it.

Note that this is all volunteer. I am not making a red cent off this. This is all about impacting the world for Christ (Mt. 6:21). Please help me as we seek "to provide free, high quality, easy to use ministry resources to anybody serving the local Christian Church."

Sincerely: Walter Rogers

Founder of Opensourceministry


"The door to excellence is guarded by risk and learning. The keys are faith and courage." - Alan Nelson and Gene Appel

Policies and GuidelinesEdit

Policies and Guidelines

Discussion and FeedbackEdit

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